CyberFlix TV APK Download – Watch Movies and TV Series

Cyberflix TV is a must for movies and TV series fans and it’s update version is even better for 2020. We all know those days are now gone when one could easily download any movie of his or her choice from any torrent site. Those sites have been banned across the world by the governments. It has really become difficult for users to download and watch any movie of their choice. For this reason other paid sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime and many more are gaining popularity. They provide movies and tv series of all genres. Nevertheless, not many of us would not want to pay that much amount to watch our favorite movies. Under certain cases, some of us cannot pay rather than having a choice. Here is where Cyberflix TV App comes to our savior and we bring you the latest Cyberlix TV APK which is most stable. That is not just it, now get less ads on the latest version of 2020 and have a faster experience.

In this time we all wish to have a free platform wherein we could simply stream our favorite movies. We do not want the bothering of other factors like payments and bans. CyberFlix TV APK provides us that free platform where all our favorite shows and movies are just one click away. The unlimited entertainment which had become so difficult to have is now on your finger tips. Anytime when you feel like having a break from your daily routine, you can just relax and stream your favorite movies or series. CiberFlix TV App provides high quality video content and overall it is an amazing video streaming app. So, to have uninterrupted and unlimited fun, download the latest Cyberflix TV APK for android from the button below.



Why is Cyberflix TV Better?

Due to the ease of just downloading the app and watching all your favorite movies, it is gaining immense popularity among the users. Day by day the users of CyberFlix TV APK are increasing tremendously. The number of movies and series it provides is far greater than its competitors like Showbox and Kodi. Not only the number of movies is large but the language option for movies are also much more than any other apps. It not only supports Android but various platforms like IOS, Firestick, PC and many more. If you are finding it difficult to download and install this amazing app on your phone then please follow the steps mentioned below.

How to Install CyberFlix TV APK

    • Step1 : Click here to download the latest and stable version of CyberFlix TV APK (Android Application).
    • Step2 : After you have downloaded the application, you need to install it in your phone. As we all know CyberFlix TV APK is provided by third party developers who host their application on their platform and hence it is not available on google play-store. So, your device will not allow this application to get install. You’ll need to enable installation for ‘Unknown Sources’ in your device.
      Go to Settings and then to Security option on your device. Click on the Unknown Sources check-box.

  • Step 3 : Now again go to download section of your device.
  • Step 4 : Click on the downloaded APK which you have just downloaded. Installing screen will pop up which will ask you whether you want to install this application on your device or not. Click on install.
  • Step 5 : This time it will get installed on your device successfully. It is now ready to use.

You can even try Cyberflix TV for Firestick and Fire TV. As you are new to this application, you may find it difficult to get accustomed with this app. In order to reap the best from this application, here are some steps that will guide you along your journey of streaming and downloading your favorite movies and series.

How to use?

    1. After you have successfully installed CyberFlix TV APK, open the application. There are many search filters available in the app, for example: trending, latest, TV shows, thriller, action, etc. This will help you to browse some movies which are of type you have specified in the filter. Click on the movie or show you want to watch.CyberFlix TV App Page
    2. The next screen contains the IMDb/Tomato-meter rating and a little description about the movie. You can also watch the trailer of the movie. To stream full movie, click on the blue play button which is on the right bottom side of the screen.CyberFlix TV movie download
    3. CyberFlix TV app has its on video player called CyberPlay. You can select CyberPlay video player to play your movie or just click on No.CyberFlix TV video player

  1. Here you will see a list of various streaming option depending on the video quality of the movie. Click on any of the link which fits your requirement.CyberFlix TV movie stream options
  2. After you have clicked on any of the streaming options, you will see options like play, download, play with subtitles, download with subtitles, etc.CyberFlix TV play download
  3.  You can either download it or play the movie online. If you click on play, it will ask you to play  it using default media player or CyberPlay video player.CyberFlix TV video player
  4.  If you have clicked on download during previous step then it will start downloading it.CyberFlix TV latest movies downloadl list
  5.  You can access this download list from download section of the application.CyberFlix-TV-download-section

Now you can watch or download any movie following the steps mentioned above. If your phone supports casting then you can even cast your movie on a larger screen using Chromecast. Below is the download button for the Cyberflix TV APK.


CiberFlix TV Features

Let’s look into some of it’s amazing features which makes CyberFlix TV different from its streaming app competitors

  1. The list of movies, shows and other videos it offers is far greater than it is offered by other streaming apps. This list is updated from time to time by the developers so that the users do not miss out their favorite movies/shows.
  2. CyberFlix TV offers you this list of movies in HD quality. The video quality is also dependent on the internet connection. You can adjust the resolution of the video depending on the internet connection you are having. Anyways, if the internet connection is very poor then it will automatically adjust the video quality. In-short it does not let connection factors to hamper your continuous streaming.
  3. It gives you different downloading options from various servers. You can download this movies in different quality.
  4. CyberFlix TV APK has in-inbuilt video player. But, it also offers other third party video players like VLC and MX. You can use any of this player for streaming.
  5. The app notifies you when new content has been uploaded by the developers. It has a separate section for new releases.
  6. It does not ask you to sign up or register while using the app. You can directly open the app and start streaming or downloading your favorite movies.
  7. Provides various language options for subtitles. Irrespective of what region you are from, you can stream its video contents in your language.
  8. You can cast any video on larger screen via Google Chromecast if your device supports chrome casting.
  9. Most importantly it prevents various ads from interrupting you while streaming. Ads is what we hate the most while watching our favorite videos. CyberFlix TV APK is totally ad-free. Amazing isn’t it?
  10. All these and many more features are totally free. It’s not that for some time you can watch it for free and after that you’ll have to pay for some features.

These are some of CyberFlix TV APK features and there are many more. You can even get CyberFlix TV for PC. These are some reasons why CyberFlix TV is different and much better than its other competitors.

Competitors of CyberFlix TV APK

CyberFlix TV is the best application for streaming and downloading your favorite movies. It offers hundreds of options provided by various platforms. And all this is totally free. This is the best part of this application. But, still you may feel like you are bored with this app and you want to try out some other streaming apps. One of its competitor SHOWBOX faced a complete shutdown , but Terrarium TV app is still in the race. It is the only streaming app which is competing CyberFlix TV neck to neck. To know more about Terrarium TV App and how to download it then please click on the link given below.

Note: There can times when sources may not load on your screen. Just relax and try it again using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) App. This will mask the IP address of your device to hide your actual location. And eventually, you’ll be able to access the content of CyberFlix TV APK from different virtual location.

Frequently Asked Questions on CyberFlix TV

  1. Is there a need for continuous internet connection to use this app?

No. You just need internet connection while you are searching for some new movies/tv shows or while downloading/watching the movies online. If the movies that you want to watch are already downloaded then you can go to download section of the app and play it without internet connection.

  1. Is this app accessible in offline mode?

Yes, Absolutely! The app seamlessly opens without internet connection or to say, while being offline. You can watch downloaded movies while being offline as I have mentioned it above in the first point.

  1. Will I be able to download multiple videos at a time?

Yes, why not? You can download n number of movies at a time depending upon your internet connection, phone’s ram and memory size. It is sure that CyberFlix TV will not restrict you from downloading movies after a certain limit.

  1. Can I stream videos online seamlessly on CiberFlix TV app?

Yes, of-course. If you are having a good internet connection and buffering is fast then you can seamlessly stream your favorite videos. It also prevents ad from interrupting your joyful ride of watching your favorite video. So, you don’t need to worry about the ads as well.

  1. Can I select the video quality of the video prior to download?

Yes, when you will click on download, you will see a lot of options from where you can download your video. These options are nothing but about the size and quality about the video. You get to chose the video quality that you want prior to download. There can be some videos that may not be available in every format but still the options won’t be too bad for you to not download the movie.

  1. Can I download videos with subtitles or have to download subtitles from other sites?

No, you do not have to download subtitles for your videos from other third party sites. When you click on download, there are two options, one is download and the other is download with subtitles. If you’ll click on download then your video will be downloaded without subtitles. But, if you’ll click on download with subtitles then it will search online for various subtitle options and you get to choose from it prior to download.

  1. Will the application ask for some kind of paid subscription?

No, CyberFlix TV APK is 100% free to download and free to use. You do not have to bother about paying anything to anyone. You can sit relax and download or stream your favorite movies.

  1. Does the app crash often?

No, we tested it ourselves and the app never crashed or got stuck suddenly. So as far as our testing goes,the app is perfect.


CyberFlix TV app is not one of the best, in-fact it is the best online movie streaming application for Android phones. It is small in size, hardly around 16-17mb. The user interface is much simpler as compared to other applications. The search options are great and it comes with lot of other features which are mentioned above. Most importantly, all the features that it provides it totally free. You never have to worry about paying anything for any kind of subscription. In-short, it is very different from other applications. Download CyberFlix TV APK quickly from the link given above and you yourself will notice the differences I am talking about.