We would like to let our users know that the Cyberflix TV application is developed by other set of developers. Our team is not a part of the developer team. We try and provide the latest and stable release of the Cyberflix TV App through our website.

We are not liable for any damage or loss faced by any user of this app, in any way. If you are facing any issues with the application, you can contact us. We advise you to preferably write to the developers of this application. Our information about the application is partly based on other reliable websites but most of it is based on our use of the application. We have used the application thoroughly for testing purpose, and did not find any flaws for our device.

Any logos used on our site belong to the original developers or their respective legal owners. Furthermore, a lot of the screenshots used on the site are our own. Please do not re-use them elsewhere without prior permission from us in writing.

Thank you.